Around the time I was 8, I acted in a church play and I realized I was doing something that seemed to come naturally to me. That was a new experience. I liked it. I wanted more of it.

I also decided around the time I was 10 to try writing a book, which I titled The Secret Six, about a group of pre-teens who embark on an adventure. It probably reads like it was written by a kid - duh, it was - but I'm very satisfied to have done it, and I'm quite pleased with the much more polished Shadow Island, which I completed in 2015.

So I guess I discovered my interests early. In 2014, I became part of Actors, Models & Talent for Christ, working and studying for a year with excellent actors and other industry pros to hone my skills, which helped prepare me for the lead in the short film Mr. Cooper Who Fell From the Sky in 2015.

Born in 2000, I'm still young and still working at this, but I'm determined to develop my skills and make an impact as an actor. I work regularly at Michigan Actors Studio, and live with my parents in Royal Oak, Michigan.

In addition to my acting, I am learning screenwriting, and expect to contribute a great deal to the industry through writing as well as through acting.