In 2014, I spent a lot of time in Chicago training with Actors, Models & Talent for Christ. Even though I'm a Detroit guy, I really came to enjoy my visits to Chicago, which of course sits right on Lake Michigan.

During the period, I got the idea for a story about a mysterious, never-before-discovered island in the middle of Lake Michigan, discovered by a group of young Chicago residents. The island contains a dark presence that doesn't want to be disturbed, and is prepared to take it out on the entire city of Chicago when he is.

That's the premise for Shadow Island, which you can download from Amazon here, or if you'd like, you can order a signed hard copy here.

I am also very interested in screenwriting, which is another way I can contribute to the film and television industry as I develop my career. Right now I'm working a television sitcom script, and I plan to do other projects once I finish it.

I'm only 16 now, but I'm working hard to develop the skills that will allow me to achieve that goal. If you get to know me now, you'll be glad about the benefits you'll enjoy both in the short-term and in the long-term once I develop as a professional.